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Diabetes and Shoes… What Should I Be Looking For?

Why Correctly Lacing Your Shoes Is Important?

What Should You Do About A Heel Fracture?

What is A Haglund’s Deformity?

My Take On Minimalistic Shoes

Why You Shouldn’t Use Corn Pads To Treat Your Corns?

Ingrown Toe Nails

What is Lymphoedema and How Can It Affect Me?

Why The Shape Of Your Shoe Matters

POLYDACTYLY – How Common Are Extra Digits?

Bony Anatomy of the Foot: There’s More Than One Arch?

What Is The Difference Between A Morton’s Neuroma And Bursitis?

What Are Your Options If You Suffer From Ingrown Toenails?

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

Different Types of Arches

Tight calves? Exercises to help!

What Is A Dead Toenail And What Can You Do About It?

How Can Footwear Help To Reduce Your Risk Of Falls?

When Do Podiatrists Think You Need to Update Your Running Shoes?

I’m A Newly Diagnosed Diabetic. Why Are My Feet So Important Now?

What I Think About Wearing Tight, Pointy Footwear

Diabetes: How Does My Blood Sugar Reading Affect My Foot Health?

Feet: The Foundation For Your Whole Body

Why See A Podiatrist?

How Should You Be Taking Care Of Your Feet Daily?

What Is A Cuboid Fracture?

Why You Should Wear Thongs Around Public Pools And Showers

What Is Sports Podiatry?

Chronic Ankle Instability

Treating Injuries with Ice and Heat

Reducing Fall Risks In Elderly Individuals

Off The Shelf vs Custom Orthotics

Headaches And The Feet

Why Is Autoclaving So Important For Preventing Infections?

Aged Care And The Feet

A Podiatrist Talks High Heels

Why Do I Suffer From Bunions?

Could Your Lower Back Pain Be A Sign Of Other Conditions?

Diabetes Foot Check – What To Do

Are You Suffering From Psoriasis?

Sesamoiditis! What Exactly Does This Mean?

Foot Muscle Strengthening

Shin Splints

Non-Healing Wounds

Do High Arches Cause You Trouble?

What Are The Grades Of Tendon Tears?

The Muscles That Support The Arches Of Your Feet

Knee Pain! Don’t Live In Pain Any Longer!

I Have Ball Of Foot Pain! Why Does This Keep Occurring?

Are You Getting A Sharp Pain In Your Foot? Could Be A Neuroma.

Chilblains! A Common Winter Condition.

What Are Claw Toes And How Can They Affect Your Feet And Legs?

What Is The Difference Between A Fracture And A Stress Fracture?

How Tight Calves Can Affect Your Feet

The 3 Stages Of Wound Healing

The Benefits Of Foot Muscle Strengthening

Impact Of Footwear On Falls

Are You Aware Of Gout?​

Ingrown Toenails And How To Stop Them From Re-Occurring

Do You Have A Dead Toenail?

Melanomas Of The Feet And Nails

What Are Orthotics And Do You Need Them?

Do You Have Ingrown Toenails? Don’t Suffer In Silence!

Are You On Your Feet All Day? Do You Get Heel Pain?

10 Ways Your Foot Health May Be A Sign Of Disease

Thickened Toenails, What Could It Be?

New Shoes? Tips To Save Your Feet From Blisters

Don’t Make These Footwear Mistakes

Preparing Your Feet For Oxfam 

Tinea Pedis, Do You Have It?

Why Are You Getting Cracked Heels?

Have You Had The Moles On Your Feet Checked?

My Feet And Ankles Swell At The End Of The Day, Is This Normal?

Why You Should Gradually Build Up Your Running!

How Smoking Affects Your Feet?

Peroneal Tendinopathy: If You Are An Active Person Read This!

When Do You Need To Change Your Running Shoes?

Sports Injury Recovery Time: What You Should Be Doing!

How To Care For Your Feet If You’re Diabetic?

How To Take Care Of Your Feet When Traveling?


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