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— Impact Of Footwear On Falls

As you become older your risk of falling increases significantly which is why it is so important to make sure that we eliminate all risk factors which may predispose you to falls.


Did you know that in people aged 65 years and older falls are the biggest reason for hospitalisation? Falls can greatly impact one’s ability to remain independent. One known factor that can increase your risk of falls includes footwear.


         Poorly fitting footwear

         Wearing shoes that don’t have adequate fixation can lead to tripping

         Wearing high heel shoes that reduce your ability to balance

         Wearing slip on shoes and sandals

         Slippers while both indoors and outdoors

         Walking barefoot and wearing socks without shoes can lead to slipping


So how can you make sure that the shoes that you are wearing are safe:

         Wear shoes with a firm and high heel counter that will provide support and stability while walking

         Heel height should be around 2.5cm

         Laces, buckles and Velcro to fasten your foot to ensure that your foot does not move while walking

         Low and wide heel to avoid losing balance

         Wide and deep toe box to avoid toes being jammed into shoes

         Firm midsole

         Avoid shoes that have a slippery sole as more likely to increase risk of falls


If you are at an increased risk of falling or have previously experienced falls it is important to seek assistance from one of our friendly podiatrists to assist in reducing your risk factors of falls for the future.


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