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How Flat Feet Affect Your Posture

Poor body posture can occur for various different reasons. These include lifestyle and health factors such as sitting in a slouched position for long periods of time or repeated stress to a body part/parts, and due to poor foot posture.


Signs of poor posture include:

  • Upper body: Elevated and rounded shoulders, head pushed forwards
  • Lower body: Forward tilting of the hips, increase in spinal curve, inward bending of the knees.


Effects of flat feet on posture

Flat feet is a common condition that affects any age bracket and is described as feet with collapsed arches to a point where the entire sole of the feet come into contact with the floor. The consequence of having flat feet is a misalignment of the whole body due to the poor foot posture, inevitably leading to postural problems. When the foot arch collapses onto the ground, this results in the shinbone and thighbone twisting inwards, placing stress on all the proximal structures that is the ankle, knees, hips and lower back.

Postural misalignment can affect the overall appearance of an individual and lower their self confidence. In the long term, poor posture might potentially cause joint pain, arthritis and muscle tension while increasing the risk of physical activity and sports injuries.


The solution?

Seeing a podiatrist for a thorough biomechanical assessment will allow them to determine the cause of your poor body posture. Flat feel can be corrected with the use of orthotics that can be prescribed to you by your podiatrist together with a range of stretching and strengthening exercises in a treatment program designed just for you. All together these interventions will help support your foot arches and improve your lower and upper limb alignment and limit any excessive stress placed on body structures.

If you think you suffer from poor body posture caused by flat feet, book an appointment with our friendly podiatrists at Podiatry HQ, and let’s find the right solutions for you!