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Can Migraines Be A Result Of Poor Foot Posture?

The feet are the base of support of the body. When the base of support unstable, your posture can be severely affected. This kind of instability can lead to various issues in your back, hips, knees, and ankles. In addition to that, studies have revealed that flat feet can also be a major cause of severe headaches and even migraines.


Surprising? Well, as a matter of fact, studies have found that at least 25 percent of migraine headaches are caused by postural issues. When the feet are weak, the muscles in the lower limbs end up contracting for a longer period of time. These overloaded muscles then produce signals that may overwhelm the brain. As a result, blood vessels within the brain become inflamed, and this is when you will feel a lot of pounding pain in your head.



Apart from painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pills taken to get relief from headaches, fixing poor feet posture and body alignment could be help with tackling the roots of the problem and as a result, prevent migraines from happening again.

Paying a visit to your podiatrist for a bio mechanical assessment to check for poor feet and body posture would provide you with answers and solutions. A customised physical therapy regime could be created for you and the need for either prefabricated or custom made orthotics to fix your flat feet could assist you in getting rid of your migraines for good.

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