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Why Won’t This Wart Go Away?

Plantar warts or verruca pedis are skin lesions that are caused by the HPV virus (Human Papilloma Virus). They are commonly found in high pressure areas of the feet including the heel and ball of the foot. Generally, plantar warts would require treatment as they can become quite painful due to the actions of standing and walking.


What do they look like?

They are usually firm, bumpy and looks like a cauliflower plant raised from the skin with tiny dark spots inside that resemble blood vessels. Plantar warts can be found on its own or in clusters.


Corn or wart?

Warts are often confused with warts as their presentation can be similar. When cut, warts generally bleed as they are highly vascularised. Corns do not. Corns are painful on direct pressure whereas warts hurt on lateral pressure. Pinching generally hurts whereas pressing it does not. Often, a layer of callus is overlying the wart, so it may be confused with the presentation of a corn.


How did I get this wart?

As the verruca occurs as a result of the HPV virus, it attacks the skin via direct contact, thus creating refuge in the skin.

There is a tendency to pick up this condition in public communal areas such as gyms, swimming pools, beaches, baths and they are likely to be cross infected among family members.


Why won’t my wart go away?

The wart has gone however the HPV virus hasn’t- even if you are successful in removing the wart, you still have the virus. Therefore, the HPV can reappear into a new wart.

Practicing the same behaviours that brought on the virus also plays a contributing role to the reoccurrence of verrucas. Such behaviours as sharing towels, toenail clippers and soap with somebody that has a wart or walking around barefoot in warm, damp areas are breeding grounds for the virus.



It is important to get an accurate diagnosis for your plantar wart as other foot conditions look like warts. A podiatrist will be able to provide the most appropriate treatment option for you.


Please book in with one of our friendly podiatrists today if you are concerned about your wart!