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–Why See A Podiatrist?

Podiatry is a complex and broad medical profession that, very simply put, involves the professional care and treatment of peoples feet. But what does this really mean and when should you seek a Podiatrist for help?


What do Podiatrists do?

Podiatric care includes assessment of:

  • Peripheral vascular flow and perfusion
  • Peripheral neurological function
  • Dermatological status
  • Biomechanical function
  • Footwear
  • Paediatric foot and lower limb development


What services do Podiatrist provide?

  • General foot care – callus and corn removal, nail care, fungal nail treatment etc.
  • Orthotic casting and prescription
  • Partial or full nail avulsion surgeries
  • Padding and strapping for biomechanical issues
  • Walking boot dispense and fitting
  • Massage
  • Muscle stretching and strengthening programs


When should I seek a Podiatrist?

If you are experiencing any of the following:

  • foot or lower limb pain
  • difficulty reaching or maintaining foot hygiene
  • concern over foot and lower limb alignment
  • have diabetes
  • Have ingrown toe nails
  • Fungal nail or skin issues or
  • Returning to sport after injury


Seeking advice and treatment from a Podiatrist is recommended, as well and implementing Podiatry related strategies to improve health and well being. Integrating other Health Professionals is an important factor in addressing all areas when treating patients.


As Podiatrists, we seek to work closely with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and General Practitioners (just to name a few) in providing the best treatment. Seeking Podiatric help is an excellent way to improve ones health, not just for the foot and lower limb, but by strengthening and supporting these structures, it provides an excellent foundation for the rest of the body.


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