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–Why I Tell Patients to Wear Thongs around Public Pools and in Public Showers

Do you ever wonder why people wear thongs around public pools or in public showers?


They are wearing thongs to help prevent getting any infections such as fungal nail infections also known as onychomycosis, fungal skin infections also known as athlete’s foot or tinea, warts or in some cases bacterial infections.


Warm moist environments such as public showers and around public pools are environments that fungi and viruses thrive. Therefore, it is easy to contract such conditions which can make your feet feel uncomfortable, painful or can make you feel uncomfortable due the look of a preventable condition.


Once you have got a fungal nail, skin infection or a wart, you must treat these infections in different ways and sometimes they can take a long period of time to completely get rid of.


Therefore, it is important to wear thongs around public pools and in public showers, in addition it is important to wash and dry your feet thoroughly after having a shower.


While none of these conditions are life threatening, they can be unsightly and a real pain to get rid of. Prevention is the best approach so that you do not have to spend a lot of time treating them unecessarily.

If you are suffering from any of these conditions, don’t be scared to book an appointment with one of our friendly podiatrists. They will assess the condition and advise of the best treatment options suited to you and your needs.



This article was written by Alex, one of our skilled Podiatrists. To book in with Alex either give us a call or book online and select ‘Alexandra’ as your practitioner.

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