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Suffering from painful Mortons Neuorma? Radio Frequency Ablation may just be saviour!

After trailing multiple conservative treatment options such as orthotic therapy, padding and strapping as well as cortisone injections that have only reduced your pain for short periods of time you’ve decided that you need to trail another treatment option. Radiofrequency Ablation is a minor procedure that has had positive results with long term pain relief which uses electric currents in controlled does and environment to heat the soft tissues that surround your Mortons Neuroma.


All individuals that have this procedure will be required to have a local anaesthetic and ultrasound guided to ensure precision is taken. Once the surrounding area of the foot is numb the radiofrequency needle is placed into the foot and guided by ultrasound to ensure the correct positon for when the electrode occurs through the needle and the tip heated to 90 degrees. This is often repeated numerous times. The heat generated generally will reach a maximum level of 90 degrees to break down nerve fibres that are currently producing that pain in which you are experiencing. By breaking down these nerve fibres cell death is induced. As a result this causes the killing of the nerve transmitting cells that cause the burning sensation and numbness within your foot when you have a Morton’s Neuroma.


After the procedure has been performed all individuals will be required to rest, elevate and ice their foot. Generally their will be a significant reduction in pain levels but should pain still be experienced after 7 weeks the procedure will be performed again.


If you have been experiencing a Morton’s Neuroma make sure that you book in to see one of our friendly podiatrists today for an assessment and treatment plan. Should you be required to have a Radiofrequency Ablation you will be referred to the appropriate trained professionals.