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–Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

Have you been experiencing persistent ankle pain? Tried multiple treatment options for ankle sprains but are seeing no results? You may be suffering from Sinus Tarsi syndrome.


Sinus Tarsi syndrome typically develops as a result of repetitive strain from running/ walking or following an ankle sprain. One may experience ongoing pain and tenderness around the lateral side of ones ankle due to inflammation. Early discovery of Sinus Tarsi syndrome is key to ensure that chronic pain does not develop.


The sinus tarsi is located on the lateral aspect of the hind foot located between the talus and the calcaneus aka the heel bone. The ligament and tendons play an important role to ensure balance is maintained, otherwise the development of sinus tarsi can occur.


Two major causes can result in instability of the talus and calcaneus (STJ) including:

  1. Ankles sprains
  2. Instability of the ligaments and tendons can result in excessive movements at the ankle joint, which as a result can lead to inflammation and possible formation of scar tissue in chronic cases
  3. Abnormal foot biomechanics
  4. Over pronation and flat feet results in excessive pressure throughout the sinus tarsi region
  5. Common activities such as ballet, sitting, baseball and side to side sports can lead to the development over prolonged periods of time


These are some of the most common symptoms that you may experience:

– Pain worsens with prolonged periods of activity and ceases during rest

– Undertaking activity on uneven surfaces, jumping or changing direction


– Stiffness first thing in the morning then slowly improves

– Tenderness around the outside and front of the ankle

– Pain while moving the foot inwards or downwards


In order to ensure diagnosis is made, you may be referred for medical imaging such as an ultrasound to confirm your diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been made an appropriate treatment plan will be put into place.


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