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–When Do Podiatrists Think You Need to Update Your Running Shoes?

As the weather is starting to warm up, more and more people are starting to get their running shoes out from the bottom of the shoe cupboard. They want to get their fitness levels back up for the summer months and nicer weather.


Your footwear plays a huge role in keeping your feet happy when participating in running, walking and other forms of physical activity. Overlooking proper footwear can cause a range of foot and lower leg related issues that can cause you to stop being active or reduce the amount of activity participated in.

It is stated that runners should be updated every 450-550 miles which is approximately 750-850kms.


Aches and pains can start when running in old runners, as runners begin to wear out, the technology in the footwear begins to lose its effectiveness.


Factors that also need to be considered are; your runners being too small, too big, too narrow or it could be that the material is uncomfortable. These issues can cause blistering, hard skin and corn development which can be uncomfortable and cause you to stop being physically active.

If any of the statements listed above relate to you, you are most likely due to update your runners.

If you are unsure of what runners you need or what to look for in a good runner, don’t hesitate to book in an appointment with one of our friendly podiatrists who will help you find the shoe you need or will help you with any sporting related injuries caused to the lower leg and foot.



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