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PACT Therapy For Fungal Nails

Fungal nails can be an embarrassing, unsightly and painful condition, as well as being annoying to treat. Treatment typically involves daily application of a topical nail lacquer, which may take months and even years to treat. Oral antifungal medications can be prescribed by a GP however they are not suited to everybody and come with some known side effects.

Medical pedicure is excited to announce that we are now offering a new alternative to treating unsightly fungal toe nails. The PACT system is a photodynamic therapy, which has been used successfully in many areas of medicine.

What is involved?

  • Your podiatrist will use a file to reduce the surface of the nail and allow the dye to penetrate deeper into the nail.
  • A photosensitive dye is applied to the surface of the nail and left for 10 minutes.
  • The PACT LED light is then directed over the toe for 10 minutes.

How does it work?

The gel is selectively taken up by the fungal cells. With the application of the LED light these cells are activated from a stable ‘ground’ state to an ‘excited’ state. It is during the return to the ‘ground’ state that energy is released and transferred into oxygen creating reactive oxygen species (ROS). It is these ROS which mediate the cellular toxic reactions, destroying the fungal cells. As the nail cells do not take up the gel the healthy nail remains unaffected by the treatment.

How many treatments do I require?

The number and frequency of treatments will be determined by your podiatrist, who will take into consideration:

  • The severity of the infection
  • The duration of the infection
  • The total number of nails affected
  • Response to previous treatments (if applicable)

A 3 month follow up is required to determine the effectiveness of the treatment, and whether any further treatments are required.

Follow up treatments are recommended every 6 months to ensure prophylaxis.

What can I expect during and after the treatment?

A mild warming sensation may be experienced during the application of the LED light.

The nail retains a blue discolouration that will vanish soon after treatment, however in rare cases it may remain for up to one week.

Is it safe?

There are no known contra-indications of the PACT photodynamic system.

In rare cases an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the gel may take place- please contact your podiatrist immediately if the area becomes irritated or inflamed.

PACT photodynamic therapy is safe to use whilst pregnant and breastfeeding.

How Can I prevent re-infection?

  • Treat shoes with an antifungal agent before treatment. Glen 20 can be sprayed inside footwear before and after wearing shoes.
  • Use an antifungal laundry agent, such as Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse, to wash socks and clothing.
  • Use a separate towel to dry the feet.
  • Wash bare surfaces, such as the shower base, with bleach on a regular basis.
  • Use a topical antifungal agent regularly on the nail surface.
  • Wear thongs when in communal areas, such as gyms, pools and saunas.
  • Do not share nail clippers with others and always ensure pedicures are performed under clean conditions- such as at a podiatrist.
  • Regular review by your podiatrist every 3-6 months.