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Orthotics At Podiatry HQ

Orthotics, also known as orthoses or arch supports, are used to treat foot, ankle and knee pain. Orthotics are used to realign the position of the foot in relation to the lower leg.

A myriad of reviews have stated that orthotics have been proven to be beneficial, Hawke F, Burns J, Radford JA and Du Toit V., state orthotics are beneficial for the treatment of foot pain.

In addition, orthotics can help in the prevention of injury in very active individuals. According to Eggold, ‘orthotics can be of significant therapeutic value in treating abnormal function and preventing its recurrence’.

At Podiatry HQ, our podiatrists Melissa, Lauren, Ashlee and Alex are highly trained to provide evidence based practice and outcomes for all our patients. Our podiatrists work together to optimize treatment plans for our patients and provide patient centered care.

Podiatry HQ is open from Monday – Saturday at two locations, Yarraville and South Melbourne.

If you are suffering from any foot, ankle or knee pain and are wishing to get some advice on orthotics and where your pain is stemming from. Please feel free to give us a call at Podiatry HQ, our friendly staff are waiting to take your call on 03 8645 9800.


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