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— Non Healing Wounds

When is a wound considered non-healing?

Wounds are a normal and expected part of life. However, at what point is a wound considered non-healing and what are the signs and symptoms to look for?


  • Pain – Some level of discomfort is expected with any wound care regime. However, excessive pain, pain that worsens over time and pain that’s not relieved with pain relievers may be indicative of a chronic wound.


  • Odour – As tissue breaks down it emits a certain odour. Furthermore, different bacteria can give rise to different odours eg infections involving pseudomonas bacteria smell almost sweet. The presence of odour may also give rise to the fact that an infection is present within the wound.


  • Timing – often the 30 day rule is applied here. If the wound is yet to close or yet to make any progress after 30 days, medical care should be sought ASAP.


  • Swelling and discharge – are another two key observational tools in non healing wounds. Redness, swelling in conjunction with pain typically warrant medical care as soon as possible. Exudate or discharge from the wound may also occur. Clear fluid is normal but thicker fluid may indicate presence of an infection within the wound.


When managing a non healing wound, it is also important to consider the reasons why the wound isn’t healing.

Some common reasons include:

  • Diminished circulation
  • Infection
  • Oedema/swelling
  • Poor nutrition
  • Repetitive trauma to the wound site


If you have any concerns about wounds that don’t seem to be healing on your feet, ankles or lower legs, please book in to see one of our Podiatrists who will assist you in your recovery process.

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