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— New Shoes? Tips To Save Your Feet From Blisters! ​

You just bought a new pair of shoes! Despite the excitement of its first debut, the breaking in period can be daunting.

If you were smart in your shoe choice, this may not be as painful for you but here are some tips and tricks to make those brand new shoes feel like you’ve had them for years!


  1. DIY insoles
  • ​Line the inside of your shoe with soft, comfortable material! This will help cushion your feet and make wearing heels bearable.


  1. Sandpaper the soles
  • ​By roughing up the soles a little bit will help better grip the ground
  • No more slips and falls!


  1. Stretch the leather
  • ​Go to a leather specialist and get the leather stretched for maximum comfort
  • Similarly, put a bag of water in your shoes and put them in the freezer so the water expands and turns into ice. This will help stretch out the material
  • Slip on your thickest pair of socks and walk around in your shoes. This will also help stretch out the material.


  1. Shoe accessories
  • ​The chemist is stocked full with shoe accessories to help make your shoes comfortable
  • Try heel grips to prevent slippage and blisters and gel cushions to make the balls of your feet cushiony and comfortable

Try out some of these shoe hacks and walk more comfortably!

For advice on shoes and all things related to feet, come visit one of our friendly podiatrists at Podiatry HQ!