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Nail Surgery

Ingrown toe nails that keep reoccurring and getting infected, make it painful to wear certain footwear or stop you from participating in different activities – may require a nail surgery.


A nail surgery is a common procedure performed by podiatrists, it is performed in the treatment rooms and only requires local anaesthetic which allows the patient to walk out of the treatment once it is complete.

The treatment involves numbing the affected toe using local anaesthetic, applying a tourniquet to control bleeding, a small section of the nail is removed without cutting the toe and needing stitches and a chemical is applied to prevent the small section of the nail from re-growing.


Finally, the tourniquet is removed and a sterile dressing is applied. Once completed the patient is allowed to go home and rest, and will be seen in 3 days to redress and review the area.


Removing the small section of the nail will allow the nail to grow straight and not grow into the skin and cause ingrown toe nails.


If you are currently having issues with ingrown toe nails, book in for an assessment at Podiatry HQ, our podiatrist will have a look at why you are getting ingrown toe nails and advise for the best treatment options.

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