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— Have You Had The Moles On Your Feet Checked?

Many people don’t think to get the moles checked on their feet but it is a very important to get them checked when getting a mole scan.


What should you be looking for?


The first symptom of a melanoma is most commonly the appearance of a new spot or mole or a change in an existing mole, freckle or spot.


It may change in size, shape and/or colour. A good acronym to use is ABCDE;

  • A – asymmetry; half the mole/spot doesn’t match the other half.
  • B – border irregularity – the edges of the border are not symmetrical, they are irregular, or blurred.
  • C- colour – the colour is not the same all over or there is different shading of colours of black, or brown or sometimes even colours of red, white or blue.
  • D – diameter – the area is larger than 6mm in size or are they getting bigger?
  • E – evolving – changes in size? Changes in shape? Changes in a trait (e.g. itching, bleeding and crusting)


If you notice any of these points, it is a good idea to get your moles checked as they can appear anywhere on your body.


It is recommended that everyone get a full mole screen check yearly.