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Why Correctly Lacing Your Shoes Is Important?

We all know that shoes are different in make and fit, so are each individual’s feet. Which is why it is important to make sure that when undertaking activities such as running and walking we are using the correct lacing techniques for our feet.


Typically, most shoes that you purchase have a universal lacing technique, which may not be providing you with the appropriate benefits that your feet need. You may find that no matter the style, brand and fit of your shoes, they may cause some pain and discomfort. To ensure that we can provide a more comfortable run we look towards different lacing techniques to completely change the way you wear your shoes.


Do you find that your heel is slipping out of your shoe? or That you get black and painful toenails after completely a marathon? Do you find that you have high arches or your forefoot is too wide? If you answered yes to any of these the look no further. We are going to provide you with some simple lacing techniques that will make your life easier.


Firstly, it is important to have an assessment so that we can address the areas in which you are experiencing pain and discomfort to ensure the right lacing technique is used for your feet.


High Arches

For an individual that has high arches you will need to make sure that the middle of the shoes is opened up following these simple steps:

  1. Start lacing the shoes as you normally would
  2. Cross the laces into the second eyelet
  3. Take the laces upwards but make sure that you do not cross the tongue of the shoe into the third eyelet
  4. Leaving the middle section free you can continue to lace the shoes as normal


Heel slipping

  1. Lacing the shoes normally until you reach the second last eyelet you want to lace the straight upwards into the last eyelet leaving a loop on each side
  2. Once you have completed the lacing you will need to pull the ends to ensure the shoe is secure around the foot


Black and painful toenails

  1. Firstly, you want to tread one side of the laces from the big toe up towards the very last eyelet in a diagonal line
  2. Using the remaining single lace you will need to zig zag up the remaining shoe as you would normally
  3. Once you have finished lacing the shoe you will notice that it full the big toe away


Wide forefoot

  1. You will need to leave some space lower down the shoe to ensure the forefoot is not restricted
  2. Start by placing the laces even you will then need to place the lace upwards until the 3rd eyelet
  3. Once you have reached the 3rd eyelet you will need to continue to lacing upwards to the top as normal


Feet feeling too tight in shoes

  1. Take the first 2 eyelets on the same side as the big toe. You will need to use the lower lace to cross in around the bottom eyelet.
  2. Taking the 2nd lace you want to skip the 2nd eyelet on the same side and move directly to the 3rd eyelet
  3. You will then need to cross this same lace over the tongue and down the opposite side of the eyelet
  4. You will need to continue this same pattern all the way up the shoe until you reach the final eyelet


So, next time you find that your shoes aren’t fitting perfectly, why not try one of these lacing techniques to get your feet feeling their best on a daily basis? Without the correct lacing technique, this could potentially lead to further injury or discomfort occurring. If you are having trouble finding the best techniques for you book in today to see one of our friendly podiatrists.

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