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In Growing Toe Nails

Ingrown toenails (onychocryptosis) can be extremely painful and can inhibit you from certain activities. They occur when sides of the nail push into the skinfold surrounding the nail.

Consequences of ingrown toenails can include inflammation and infection and need management to lead to an improvement of symptoms.

At Podiatry HQ we can assist in alleviating pain from your ingrown toenail via diagnoses of the severity of the ingrown toenail and providing direction in the treatment and long term management of your ingrown toenail.

Initial assessment will involve inspection of the nail and the surrounding skin to determine if inflammation or infection is present.
Our podiatrists will determine if the part of the nail causing pain, inflammation and possibly infection can be removed using appropriate podiatric equipment during the consultation and remove offending nail spike where appropriate.

Follow up appointments are recommended to ensure the offending part of the nail is not growing back in the same place, causing you pain and discomfort.

For certain cases of ingrown toenails, standard treatment of removing the offending nail spike is not sufficient and in this case a minor surgical procedure known as a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA) can be performed by one of our podiatrists to remove the offending part of the nail with the assistance of local anesthetic. This will ensure the nail doesn’t grow back in the same way to cause you pain and discomfort.

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