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–Heel Fracture

A heel fracture, or fracture to the calcaneus bone, is a debilitating condition that causes a lot of pain. Typically persons with this condition present with the following symptoms:


1. Pain that increases when weight bearing
2. Inability to place full weight on affected heel/leg
3. Throbbing at night
4. Swelling
5. Bruising


Diagnosis includes physical examination of the limb, a full history taking and confirmation through x-ray.


Offloading is essential in the initial treatment of any fracture. As the heel is the largest bone in the foot and absorbs most of the ground reaction force when walking and running, this is particularly essential. 6 weeks in a cam walking boot is used to relieve strain from the heel and allow the bone to reconnect uninterrupted. Once the walking boot is removed, a stretching and strengthening program along with gradual return to full exercise will be implemented to rehabilitate the limb and prevent re-injury.


Some severe cases of calcaneal fracturing, particularly when as a result of acute injury, may require surgical intervention.


1. Osteoporosis
2. Long distance running
3. Acute injury and trauma
4. Repetitive trauma
5. Athletic training errors
6. Inappropriate footwear​


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