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— Why Are You Getting Cracked Heels?

Not only can cracked heels be painful and not look very nice, but cracks in the heels form an entry portal for bacteria and infection.


You may be wondering why your heels are getting cracked and there are a few reasons for the cause of this, these include;


  • Walking around bare foot or in open shoes such as thongs and sandals.
  • Summer months or cold winters.
  • Not applying a cream/emollient to your feet.
  • Genetics
  • Increased weight – more pressure is being placed on the heels which causes callus build up where cracks can begin to form.
  • Being on your feet for long periods of the day – increased pressure on the heels which can cause a callus build up where cracks can begin to form.
  • Shoes that don’t fit well, that cause pressure on the heels.
  • Circulation issues.
  • Health issues such as Diabetes.
  • Skin/dermatological issues –such as dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema.


These are some of the causes of dry cracked heels, it is important to manage the skin on your heels, as you don’t want it to cause pain and stop you from participating in activities or daily responsibilities or ultimately become infected.


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