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Fungal Skin Assessments

Tinea is a contagious fungal skin infection, it is also known as athlete’s foot or tinea pedis. It presents as an itchy, red rash on the foot or in-between the toes.

Tinea loves warm, moist environments therefore, public pools, showers and foot spas are a common place to catch the infection. In addition, if someone at home has the infection it is easy to get the infection in the shower or in some cases when walking barefoot on surfaces around the house that have been in contact with the infection.


It is important to treat the condition as soon as it arises, to prevent it getting worse or spreading to other people. In addition, prevention is key – always wear thongs around public pools and in public showers.


If you currently have a rash on your foot, and suspect it could be tinea – don’t hesitate to make an appointment and get it checked to assure you get the proper treatment.


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