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— Don’t Make These Footwear Mistakes

1. The Aussie Thong


It’s so easy to just slip on a pair of thongs and out the door you go but next time your in a rush, consider the amount of damage you are doing to your feet in the long run. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid thongs!


1. Too much exposure!
  • ​Your feet are susceptible to all sorts of bacterial, viral and fungal infections

2. Dry, cracked heels

3. Blisters!
4. Pain
  • ​People with flat feet need arch support to keep the rest of their body aligned. In a pair of thongs, this may be throwing your whole body out of whack!
  • Prolonged thong use can lead to overuse injuries and pain
5. Toe deformities
  • ​The 2 straps across the top of the foot is the only thing keeping your foot in place. As the shoe itself is not very supportive, the toes do all sorts of things to keep the foot in place. This can lead to hammer or claw toes in an effort to grip onto the shoe.


2. High heels


  • ​Our centre of gravity is brought forward in heels which can throw the rest of the body out of place
  • Prolonged high heel use can shorten the calf muscles therefore when out of heels and in flat shoes, this can create pain and discomfort when walking
  • High heels such as stilettos only allow the body weight to be rested on a pinpoint and the thin heel offer little stability on uneven surfaces predisposing you to falls and ankle sprains.


3. Ballet Flats


  • ​Ballet flats with no fastening mechanism such as laces, velcro offer little support
  • Similarly to thongs, this predisposes people to developing digital toe deformities such as clawed and hammer toes

What options does that leave me?
Look out for shoes with the following features. These will ensure that your foot is firmly placed in the shoe limiting any unwanted movements.