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Foot Health Tips for Traveling

Are you going on an overseas trip to escape the cold Melbourne winter? If you answered yes, we have some tips and tricks to get you ready for your trip.

  1. Get your feet and shoes checked before going on your trip – as most likely you will be doing a lot of walking and don’t want your feet to get sore and stop you from enjoying your trip.
  2. Make sure you take a first aid kit with you in case you get some nasty blisters.
  3. Wear thongs around public pools and in public showers.
  4. Take good cushiony comfortable shoes with you, try to avoid wearing thongs for long periods of time.
  5. Make sure your footwear is a good fit and have been worn before.
  6. Check your feet daily.
  7. Continue to apply an emollient to your feet before going to bed, to stop cracks in your heels from forming while you are away.
  8. Don’t walk around barefoot.
  9. Wash your feet daily.
  10. Make sure you are well hydrated while traveling.
  11. Move around the plane on long flights and exercise your legs during the flight.
  12. Buy flight compression stockings to prevent swelling and DVTs.
  13. If you have any health issues, check with your GP before traveling.
  14. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your feet.
  15. Rest your feet.

If you are wishing to get some advice on your feet and footwear before traveling, or want to get your feet ready for holidays with a medical pedicure, don’t hesitate to book in an appointment at either Podiatry HQ or Medical Pedicure.