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–I’m A Newly Diagnosed Diabetic. Why Are My Feet So Important Now?

It is important, no matter the medical conditions that you may have, to ensure that you or your podiatrist are looking after your feet on a regular basis but those who are living with diabetes are at even more risk of complications occurring with the feet.

Diabetes can have numerous effects on the feet, which could potentially lead to serious effects to your entire body and lifestyle. By being aware of the complications that are associated with diabetes you can reduce your chances of developing long term complications affecting the lower limbs and feet.


The 2 main ways in which diabetes can affect your feet include:


  1. Reduced vascular supply


– Slower healing rate

– Changes to one’s skin colour, temperature, nail and hair growth

– Poor circulation

– Cramping in your calves when walking

– Night cramping

– Hardening and narrowing of the arteries due to smoking

– High blood pressure/ fats

– Increased blood glucose levels


  1. Nerve damage


– Damaged nerves can cause painful, numb or insensitive feet

​- Burning, numbness, tingling, pins and needles

– If you are experiencing any form of nerve damage or loss of sensation then this could lead to minor cuts, blisters and burns not being detected early due to the inability to feel sensation within your feet

– Ulceration/ amputation if cuts, blisters and burns are not detected quickly



Things to do and look out for:


-Check your feet daily for any signs of infection including swelling, redness and heat


– Wash your feet daily and dry well between your toes


– Use methylated spirits if there is a lot of moisture between the toes


– Moisturise dry skin, especially cracked heels


– Avoid walking around barefoot


– Wear appropriate shoes to protect your feet


– Avoid injury by wearing well fitted protective shoes


– Keep toenails trimmed


– Corns and calluses removed


– Avoid putting your feet near heaters


It’s important to make sure that you have your diabetes checked regularly through your GP and podiatrist to ensure that you maintain a low risk level. ​​If you are suffering from diabetes why not book in today for an assessment to ensure we keep you on your feet.


This article was written by Lauren, one of our skilled Podiatrists. To book in with Lauren either give us a call or book online and select ‘Lauren’ as your practitioner.

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