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Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a common foot condition.

Cracked heels can make it very uncomfortable to walk, particularly barefoot, and may impact your overall activity levels due to discomfort.

There are several treatments that can help manage cracked heels. At Podiatry HQ we offer a general treatment that can help alleviate pain by reducing the build-up of thickened skin that accompanies cracked heels using appropriate podiatric equipment.



If you feel like you need a bit of pampering, the Medical Pedicure smoothing heel treatment will minimize those cracked heels and leave you feeling relaxed.

We also offer a range of products that can help keep your heels smooth and moisturized that inhibit the build-up of dry, thickened skin.

An assessment of footwear, biomechanical, and other factors (such as systemic conditions) will also be conducted to determine what has lead to the formation of cracked heels.


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