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–Why You Shouldn’t Use Corn Pads To Treat Your Corns?

You have just recently developed a painful corn on your little toe but don’t have time to visit your local podiatrist so you pop down to the chemist to pick up some corn pads to try relieve some of your pain.

After applying the corn pads you get some relief but are unsure if it is actually doing anything. A few days have passed and you decide to remove the corn pad to find that the surrounding healthy skin is macerated turning the skin white and your corn is still there.

You have had enough of the pain so you book in to see a podiatrist.


The amount of times that patients use corn pads but end up with more damage to their toes and no improvement in pain is unbelievable. As a podiatrist I DO NOT recommended the use of corns pads.

Corn pads contain salicylic acid which works to break down the skin to assist in reducing pain but quite often in doing this, your healthy tissues break down increasing the risk of infection developing. Corns can often be quite deep and will often develop into a cone shape.

If you have trouble with corns as a result of pressure/ friction from your walking and ill-fitting shoes, make sure that you have your corns treated by a trained podiatrist who are able to remove your corns to enable you to be pain free. It is important to note that corns are likely to continue to reoccur if known factors are not addressed appropriately.

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