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Lisfranc Injuries

The Lisfranc joint is a vital joint located at the mid-foot. It is a tough band of tissue which joins the metatarsals to the tarsal bones. It is located at the plantar (bottom) aspect of the foot. The purpose of this tissue is to allow for proper alignment and to enhance the strength of the joint. The illustration below clearly depicts the location of the ligament (in red).

Lisfranc Injuries

Lisfranc injuries occur most commonly to:

  1. Autmobile injuries
  2. Military personnels
  3. Horseback riders
  4. Football players
    • Sprains – where the ligaments in the area are stretched.
    • Fractures – where there is a presence of a crack to any bone involved in the lisfranc joint
    • Dislocation – where the bones of the joint have been displaced

Theses can occur due to direct forces or indirect forces being applied to the area; such as having a heavy item fall on the foot or twisting the foot.


  • Swelling
  • Bruising or blister formation
  • Pain when weight bearing
  • Increase in width of the foot

Injury to the Lisfranc injuries may usually be misdiagnosed to be an ankle injury. Thus diagnostic imaging may be required to aid with affirming the diagnosis.

Treatment methods can vary from conservative treatment such as immobilization or medication to surgical options. Do consult with your friendly podiatrist to find a treatment method that best suits you.


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