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Tips For Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries


Foot and ankle injuries are very common, and can happen to anyone at any time. Whether it be a minor injury or a major injury. Some sports and activities have a higher incidence of injuries, these include running or soccer.

Here are some tips to prevent foot and ankle injuries:
• Warm up before partaking in any physical activity or sport.
• Wear appropriate foot wear – for example, running runners for walking and running.
• Make sure your foot wear is a good size and fit.
• Replace your footwear regularly.
• Ease into your sport, don’t do too much too soon.
• Listen to your body.
• Cool down post activity.
• Allow your body to recovery.
• If you have a history of a recurrent injury – address the issue. For example, history of ankle sprains, tape your ankles before activity, or wear a brace or in some cases orthotics may be needed.
• Increase your activity levels slowly.
• Lastly, HAVE FUN!
If you have been experiencing any pain or injury in your feet, come and visit us at Podiatry HQ today for an assessment. Phone bookings can be made by calling our friendly reception staff on (03) 8645 9800 or alternatively you can make an online booking here.

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