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–Different Types of Arches

All feet come in different shapes and sizes, and our arches can be different to one another as well.


Arches can be flat, medium or you can have a high arch, each foot can have potential problems, but in some cases, you can be problem free.


Low arches are when the arch sits low to the ground and doesn’t have much room for shock absorption and over works some muscles more than others. Some problems that can occur are plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel spurs, knee issues, posterior tibial tendinopathy.


Good footwear is a must and in some cases orthotics to realign the foot to the ideal position in addition to strengthening exercises/stretching or massage that may be required depending on the issue.


Medium arches are the ideal foot position, as there is a defined arch and the biomechanics are aligned. Although an arch is present, in some cases issues can still arise, from repetitive stress such as running or ill-fitting footwear (e.g. pointy shoes, or narrow shoes). In some cases orthotics or proper footwear may be required.


High arches are when the arch sits higher off the ground and excessive pressure is placed on the forefoot and the heel. Issues that can arise from this type of foot structure is forefoot issues, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes or claw toes. In some cases, no pain arises but in some cases these different types of issues can arise and orthotics may be required to redistribute pressure off these high pressure areas that take more shock.


If you are suffering from any foot issues, or if you are wondering what type of foot structure you have and what you can do to look after your feet, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of our friendly podiatrists who will look after all your foot needs.

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Arch Types