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Are your ankles and feet swollen? Then you may have Ankle Oedema

Ankle oedema or swelling is a term used to describe a condition that causes your ankles and feet to increase in size as a result of fluid leaking from cells in your feet. Most people who spend long periods standing or sitting are at risk of developing oedema, in most cases ankle and foot oedema is completely normal, but in some cases it can be a warning sign for an underlying problem that will need urgent medical attention. Thus it is of utmost importance to understand, why you’re getting ankle or foot oedema.


What are the causes for oedema?

  • The causes for oedematous presentations are numerous, some of the major examples include:
  • Standing or sitting for long periods of time may vary from person to person
  • Pregnancy- It is considered normal for women to experience swelling while they are pregnant
  • Medications – side effects from certain medications that cause fluid retention including non-steroidal inflammatory, diabetes and heart medication can cause swelling of your ankles and feet
  • Injury- any trauma to the ankle or foot including fractures can cause swelling
  • Diseases- heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease can influence fluid retention in your ankle and feet.
  • Infection- any type of infection localised or diffuse can cause swelling
  • Blood clot- blockage of blood vessels can cause fluid to leak out of veins and into tissue, causing swelling at the site


There are also various medical conditions that can cause swelling including:

  • Gout
  • Lymphoedema


If you suffer from swollen legs and ankles and still aren’t sure why that may be the case, come visit one of the friendly podiatrists at PodiatryHQ, and they will be able to investigate and address the cause of the swelling.