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— Aged Care

As we get older, it is important we maintain our foot health and hygiene, to ensure a high quality of life. As podiatrists, we want to ensure all aspects of the lower leg and feet are cared for.

This includes;

  • General nail and foot care – reducing and clearing nails, debriding hard skin and making sure skin integrity is good and intact.
  • Monitoring vascular and neurological status of the feet – especially important for those who are suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
  • Footwear advice
  • Addressing any lower leg or foot issues – biomechanical, musculoskeletal, or dermatological.


As we age, the skin integrity is not as good and can get dry and break easily, the nails can become thick and difficult to cut, the structure of the foot can change and different lumps and bumps can show up, making it difficult to purchase good comfortable footwear. Hard skin and corns can also form on different areas of the foot.

For a lot of the aging population, it can be difficult to cut the toe nails, difficult to reduce hard skin or corns in high pressure areas that in some cases can be painful, or for some it is hard to know what kind of at-home-care should be undertaken to improve foot health.


It is important for the aging population to take care of their feet with regular podiatry visits. At Podiatry HQ we address all factors needed and advise of beneficial at home care such as applying a cream to the feet daily to ensure skin integrity is maintained. No matter what size or shape foot one might have, we like to care for all feet and maintain a high quality of care.

If you are finding it difficult to cut your own toe nails or know of someone, such as an aging family member or friend who may benefit from podiatry foot care, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Podiatry HQ to book an appointment. We offer special pensioner rates.

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