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Groin Strain

What is it?

A groin strain is a common sports injury that is commonly found in children. It usually occurs due to minor tears that occur at the muscles located in the inner thigh (adductor muscles). These muscles attach from the groin to the inner knee.



  • Overstretching the adductor muscles
  • Overuse of adductor muscles
  • Sudden increase in stress to the adductor muscles
  • Injury to adductor muscles


  • Pain in the groin area
  • ‘Pop’ feel when a tear occurs
  • Possible bruising in the area
  • Weakness of the adductor muscles
  • Pain when squeezing thighs together


Risk Factors

  • Active with sporting activities
  • Tight groin muscles
  • Previous strain or injury to the area
  • Inadequate training for that area
  • Muscle weakness
  • Imbalance of musculature
  • Bone structure


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