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Does your second toe hurt?

Freiberg’s disease is a rare condition where there is a reduced blood supply to the bones at the ball of your foot (metatarsals); most commonly affecting the second toe.  It is the fourth most common Osteochondrosis of the body (as shown below). This then could cause microfractures to the bone and affect the joint at the area.

Who is affected?

Freiberg’s is known to more commonly affect teenage girls more than teenage boys, with a ratio of 5:1. It is fairly common in adults too!


The main cause of this condition is still unknown, however some potential causes include:

  • Trauma
  • Reduced blood supply
  • Systemic conditions


  • Pain at the top or bottom of your foot
  • Pain may be present on both feet
  • Pain may be present when moving your toe through its range of motion
  • Pain when the toes are compressed
  • Swelling around the area
  • Limited range of motion at the joint