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How does body weight cause foot pain?

The other day, a patient came in with pain in her right foot arch and heel. She said during the consult, “I am sure my weight is contributing to my foot pain”.

This is quite a sensitive topic to discuss as no one likes to talk about their weight.

But it is true – BMI (body mass index), activity level and medical history may be the reason behind your foot pain.

One of the big reasons for this is that your feet are having to bear all of your body weight. As the weight puts more stress on tissues and joints, other problems like inflammation, posture changes and difficulty moving become more common.

However, if your body is under stress and in pain this could also mean you’re exercising less. This can make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight and so, it becomes a vicious cycle.

I would always make a treatment plan with a focus on the patient’s medical history, lifestyle and pathology. When developing a treatment plan we will:

  • Have a positive and meaningful discussion around the effect of weight and its connection to pain in the feet
  • Discuss the best choices for footwear and tips on shoes to avoid
  • Devise a stretching plan that you can implement into your daily life which helps maintain flexibility and strength in painful areas of the feet
  • An orthotic device may be recommended which helps stabilise abnormal pressures placed on feet and helps pad out ligaments, tendons and joints
  • Guide you in the direction of other health providers and services that may be able to provide further nutrition and diet advice, exercise programs or mental support.

These strategies will all be used to help achieve your treatment goals. By working together, we will help free you from foot pain and live a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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